We get it. You're a busy, frugal bride looking for ways to stay within your schedule and budget. Sure, you'll decide to skip out on a few things for the sake of saving time and money, but beautiful pictures that will last a lifetime should still be at the top of your priority list.

At Universers, you will find affordable wedding photography packages that include an engagement photo session, a bridal session, and wedding day documentation, all for less than the average wedding photographer cost.

If you're looking for a sign to tell you whether or not you should have a bridal session, here are five reasons why you should!

1.Trial Run For Hair And Makeup

It's common for brides to want to test out their hair and makeup before the big day. This will give you the opportunity to see yourself in all of your bridal glory for the first time and to work out some of the kinks. If your curls don't end up holding for the entire day after your photo session, no biggie! Now you know an updo will work better for you, and it didn't affect your wedding photos! Be better prepared for your wedding day by knowing exactly how you do or don't want to look.

2.Save Time On Your Wedding Day

The less you have on your to-do list the day of your wedding, the better. If there's anything that can be taken care of beforehand to give you a more relaxed wedding day, do it! Having a large portion of your photos already done will not only get you to the cake and champagne table faster, but it will also give you more time for dancing with your favorite people.

3.Express Yourself

Having more freedom and flexibility during your bridal session than you will have on your wedding day will bring out the best in you. We're here to get your most beautiful, creative side, so have fun with it! Want to travel to another location and do something crazy that would never fit into your strict wedding day timeline? Go for it! Your local photographer knows all of the best locations so don't be shy to tell them what you're looking for. You'll have these pictures forever so make sure they're a reflection of your personality.

4.More Pictures Of Yourself

You've worked so hard to pick out the perfect dress and shade of lipstick, so having a hundred pictures of you working the camera is obviously a must. You will never regret having more memories to look back on of you looking happier than ever in the most beautiful outfit you'll ever wear. Plus, this is your shining moment and you deserve to soak up all of the celebrating and pre-wedding manicures that you can get!

5.Have A Bridal Portrait For The Reception

The tradition of having a super-sized photo of yourself at your reception is still alive and well. If you decide that you don't want to display the portrait in your own home, consider giving it as a gift to your mother or another special person in your life. Wallet sized photos also make great gifts that will have your groom and grandmother showing you off to everyone they know for years to come!

Remember, this is the day that you've dreamed about for years, so don't be afraid to take advantage of every opportunity you can to remember it!