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Who We Are?

Being a professional wedding photographers is very special and becoming part of the most important day of your life is a privilege for us. We LOVE to capture each detail so you can treasure it for a lifetime! The day goes by so fast and pictures help you remember all the work and beauty in this special time in life.

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What we do

Your wedding day should be about one thing; you. It is your day and the entire focus should be on you; your dreams, your aspirations and your happiness. It should be recorded so that years from now you can relive every moment as it is happening for the first time and once again bring tears to your eyes.

At Universers we have mastered the art of recording in video and stills your big event without missing those special moments that make your wedding uniquely yours. Of course, we handle the required posed shots but our strength is capturing those little flashes that show your true personality and those of your guest.

Your wedding day should be a joyful occasion as stress-free as any life-changing event can be. Planning for it shouldn’t be an ordeal to inspire Dante. Allow us to do our part to make it the event you always dreamed it would be.

We are Universers.

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